Tjarda, chanteuse

[Musician of the week] Introducing Tjarda, 19 years old, singer from the Netherlands // Cette semaine on vous présente Tjarda, chanteuse originaire des Pays Bas (la bio n’est pas traduite exprès pour vous faire travailler l’anglais, merci qui? 😊😊😊)

– Who you are & your musical background: My first name is Tjarda, I’m 19 years old (soon to be 20 haha) and so far I’m only singing. Tried to learn how to play the bass guitar and piano but I never managed to pull through. I came from a family where music was quite important. Everyone has their own instruments and music preferences, but together we always made something work. Even though we don’t live in one house anymore, we still make music together. I’ve followed and completed a musical education for four years and at home (I’m from the Netherlands) I played in a band.

– Where you’re at: At the moment I’m looking for some people to have a nice jam with. Personally I like blues, funk and soul, but I would love to go wherever the jam brings me and perhaps get more comfortable in other genres as well. In the weekends I’m open to anything,I’m in Paris until January and up to anything!

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